Client Testimonials



“My husband & I had the great privilege of selling our house in Hayden w/ Windermere & Nancy Johnson.

 We have been friends for over 19 years. Using any other agent would never have crossed our minds. Her stellar character & professionalism was all we needed to know. We put our full trust in her & she never let us down. She led us by the hand every step of the way including locating a wonderful Windermere agent in Hillsboro & helped & guided us to complete that purchase. You are extremely lucky to have her, but I’m sure you know this!”


-Diane & Bill C.



“Nancy has a tenacious dedication to her clients. My condo deal hit seemingly insurmountable financing problems (due to limitations on the property). Nancy didn’t give up, but proposed owner financing to the seller. The seller had previously dismissed the idea, but warmed to the idea when they realized they could earn mortgage rate returns on their money instead of almost nothing in a savings account. The seller agreed. It proved to be a win-win solution for everyone. Nancy’s persistence and creative negotiation skills provided decisive – and I’m grateful for a new place to live! Thanks Nancy!”





“First, thank you for your donation to the Windermere Foundation. What a wonderful way to give back to the community and, in a way honor all you clients.

 Second, I want to thank you again & let you know that the sale of the condo has resulted in a good situation. I’m so happy you hung in there with the young man…giving good advice to him & us. The fact that the real estate issues concluded quickly has been a real blessing…and that was due to you!”


-Elizabeth R.



“It is rare to find a person that combines professional excellence and professional attention. Nancy is such a person. We knew her advice was solid from the get-go. She truly was interested in understanding our wishes and finding home options that met them. A bonus for us was to develop a deep, ongoing friendship. You can’t go wrong with Nancy!”


-Rick & Vicki P.



“Nancy previously landed a tricky deal for me like a skilled fighter pilot, so I knew she was one to help a friend brand new to real estate, looking to buy his first property. My friend had fixed sum as an inheritance from his father – but was looking at property that was listed just above his maximum price. I knew Nancy was the one to negotiate with the seller. She explained my friend’s limitations and she offered his max price. They agreed to the offer. My friend is thrilled and can’t believe it’s real. Thanks Nancy!”


-Brian S.